Where’d You Get That Rashie?


Thankfully, the ‘rashie’ we are talking about isn’t a skin rash! A rash guard, or ‘rashie’, is a shirt made popular by surfers needing a layer of protection between their skin and the surf board. The wax used on the top of the board for better foot grip also holds sand which then chafes against the torso as surfers paddle out to catch a wave. The combination of the chafing together with the sun and salt-water makes for a painful souvenir from a beautiful day on the water. Wearing a tight-fitting long sleeve shirt prevents the rash and provides additional sun protection for long hours on the water.

Is a rash guard only for surfers?

While the shirt was originally used by surfers for one particular purpose, its popularity has expanded across people and sports. Many now use it for sun protection or added warmth. Rash guards are also used by: performance sailors, competitive outrigger paddlers and rowers, kite-surfers, windsurfers, paddle-boarders, and snorkelers. They all have similar needs for fitted, flexible, breathable, long-lasting, salt-water-resistant, shirts.

Rash guard features to look for:

  • High-quality fabric – will stretch and return for many years
  • Flat-locked stitched seams – won’t chafe against your skin
  • UPF 50+ rated fabric – highest sun protection
  • Snug fit – won’t ride up when active
  • Chlorine and salt-water resistant – maintains color and stretch no matter where it is used
  • Style and sizes for men and women – not one shape or design fits everyone

Now that you are an expert in both the ‘lingo’ and the serious purpose of ‘rashies’, take a look at the wide variety of Blood Red rash guard colors, designs, and sizes, for men, women, and kids, available here in Hong Kong. Then get in (or on) the water. And feel free to share your ‘rashie’ with a friend. We’re OK with it.